Denver Metro Single Family House (SFH) Market Report May 2020

If you are thinking about buying or selling your house the latest housing numbers for Denver provide opportunities according to industry experts. About Denver County. With an estimated 727,000 residents, the City and County of Denver is the 19th most populous city in the U.S. If we combined the adjacent counties with the metropolitan area […]

European QE Fuelling House Price Bubble

According to a new study, the European Central Bank’s quantitative easing program runs the risk of causing a property price bubble in several countries due to investors putting money into real estate. The report to by Moody’s Analytics says that the UK, Norway and Germany are most at risk due to continued low interest rates […]

The Amazon Effect on House Prices

The Amazon Effect on House Prices across the US Saying Amazon is a powerful company is a pretty strong understatement. It took the world by storm, and it made Bezos one of the richest men in the world. And just like any leviathan, it often doesn’t even notice the effects it has on its surroundings. […]

What’s the Best Way to Sell Your House? The Answer Might Surprise You

Are you looking to sell your home, but aren’t sure how to go about doing it? Selling your home is a multi-step process that can take weeks, if not months. In fact, the average home spends 65 to 93 days on the market. Whether you’ve already surpassed the 93-day mark or are hoping to sell your […]

Selling Your House For Cash: What You Need to Know

Selling A Home to A Real Estate Investor Has a real estate investor approached you about buying your home? Maybe you have reached out to them? If you want to sell your home quickly, the selling house for cash option could seem attractive. The chance to bypass the normal selling process has many advantages. We […]