3 Things Luxury Real Estate Agents Can Outsource to Grow Their Business

Time is a luxury real estate agent’s most precious commodity. The more time an agent has, the more time they can spend on networking and nurturing client relationships, which is directly connected to real estate success. But too often, agents find themselves caught up in the details, like paperwork, the technical ins and outs of marketing […]

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Luxury Home Marketing Strategy

Recently, we spoke with our very own president of The Institute, Diane Hartley, to answer the three biggest questions on every luxury real estate agent’s mind when it comes to growing their luxury real estate practice: 1. How do I improve my marketing strategy? 2. How can I feel more prepared when I walk into a […]

Chinese Buyers Dominating Vancouver’s Luxury Homes Market

A recent article by the Globe and Mail.com highlights the impact Chinese buyers are having on the luxury real estate market in Vancouver, Canada. According to data from a real estate company in British Columbia, mainland Chinese buyers accounted for 70% of the companies transactions for luxury homes in the city costing in excess of $3 million […]

5 Tips for Selling Your Luxury Home Without Reducing the Asking Price

While no one wants to sell a their home for less than their asking price, being forced to accept a lower offer on a luxury home often constitutes a significant financial loss. From understanding the mindset of potential buyers to choosing the right time to sell, there are plenty of tips that may help to […]