In some areas of the country, spring is nowhere to be seen. But the spring market doesn’t always wait for spring weather, so don’t delay on your branding strategy for this busy time of year. Here are some tips for getting you spring-ready:

Think outside the box. Don’t just go with what your normal branding strategy is. You need to differentiate yourself from the other agents in your market. Think about what makes you unique, and the specific value you are providing to clients that other agents can’t provide. Build your branding strategy around these elements.

Spread it out. Make sure you’re covering every possible outlet to introduce and develop your brand. Consider online avenues—your website, social media, ads on relevant sites, blogs, etc.—as well as print and in-person opportunities. If you focus on just one segment, you’ll be throwing out a smaller net and possibly losing out on getting more business.

Be genuine. Branding shouldn’t be about crafting an image that’s perfect. What clients want to see is that you are genuine. They want to see your passion for helping people with their homeownership goals, and they want to see that you are relatable. Just be yourself when it comes to branding.

Maintain consistency. You can’t post a single ad and wait to see what happens. Be a constant presence online, through print and in person. The more you put yourself out there, the more solid your reputation will be in the community. Part of building a trusted brand is making sure you’re known as a real estate expert in your local market.

While simple, these tips can help you make the most out of the spring market. So put on your winter coat, gloves and hat, but be prepared to tackle the spring market head-on.