Run Your RE Business With a Smartphone Using Information Management

From the time humanity started carving in caves to today storing and finding information recorded has been a challenge.  With the sheer amount of information we deal with daily, a system is needed to categorize and locate information quickly, where and when we need it.  Most likely the one thing that will be with us […]

Run Your RE Business with a Smartphone Recap

This is the 10th article in the “Run Your RE Business with a Smartphone” series and I have enjoyed researching, exploring new apps and doing a deep dive into many of the apps and programs that come on our phones right out of the box. While doing these articles I kept having flashbacks to almost […]

Can You Run Your Real Estate Business with a Smartphone? YES!

Recently I have been hearing how companies are promoting entrepreneurs and startups to completely operate their businesses using only a smartphone.  This got me thinking and reminiscing about how business has changed in my lifetime. For now, let’s just focus on the past 20 years and how personal computers, laptops, Palm Pilots, Blackberry, smartphones, iPads […]