Build a Well-Rounded Real Estate Marketing Strategy in 2020

Your real estate marketing strategy can make or break your business in 2020. With an overcrowded marketplace and industry disruption caused by unhappy customers, it is crucial to put your nose to the grindstone and show what makes your business unique. Yet throwing a few marketing ideas at a wall and seeing what sticks simply isn’t […]

Social Media: A Powerful Tool for the Real Estate Business

In today’s digital world, it’s more important than ever for businesses to utilize social media to the fullest extent. With endless potential connections and a constant flow of communication, real estate agents and brokers have possibly the most powerful tool at their fingertips, to build not only relationships, but also a successful business, by making […]

3 Things Luxury Real Estate Agents Can Outsource to Grow Their Business

Time is a luxury real estate agent’s most precious commodity. The more time an agent has, the more time they can spend on networking and nurturing client relationships, which is directly connected to real estate success. But too often, agents find themselves caught up in the details, like paperwork, the technical ins and outs of marketing […]

Great Real Estate Marketing Matters Now More Than Ever

At many major companies, marketing is the first thing to go during tough economic times. However, research has suggested this move can actually set these businesses back even further. One study from the Harvard Business Review showed that businesses that drastically cut back on marketing after the 2008 recession had the lowest probability of pulling ahead of the competition. […]

How to Talk About COVID-19 in Your Real Estate Newsletter

As the effects of COVID-19 become more and more widespread (and more and more concerning), you may want to consider addressing it in your real estate newsletter. However, talking about such a serious topic can be tricky. Here are three tips to help you talk about COVID-19 in your real estate newsletter. 1. Check in […]

Guelph real estate market rebounds dramatically

Headlines around the country speculate on the potential impact of COVID- 19 on the real estate market. Some are calling for an outright crash due to record unemployment rates. Some are saying that when all this dies down, we’ll just go back to where we left off with strong housing prices in Guelph. Who’s right? […]

Albuquerque Real Estate Market Statistics May 2020

Albuquerque Housing Market May 2020 Corona virus is having a huge impact on real estate market in Albuquerque NM. The number of homes sold in May is down 28.5%, however, inventory is down 42.8%. With inventory down so much, it is no surprise home sales declined. It is very difficult to purchase a home for […]

Bend Oregon Real Estate – 2020 March Trends

Bend Real Estate Sales Feeling Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic The March 2020 real estate trends have been published and they reflect both the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and the closings from strong February home sales. Central Oregon schools shut down Friday, March 13th and stay at home became the norm the following week.  Since the start of […]

The Atlanta Real Estate Market after Covid-19

The Atlanta real estate market after Covid-19 will not be the same as before. The economic damage due to the global shutdown will impact it, not crash it…let’s all breath for a second. The world is connected and this is a hit on the global economy, the only questions are for how bad and for […]

COVID-19 and Guelph’s real estate market. Where do buyers and sellers stand?

Within two weeks, the world has changed dramatically. We’re now in the face of massive closures and shutdowns, cancelled sports seasons, stock market declines and fistfights in the aisles of Costco over toilet paper. COVID-19, or the Coronavirus, has impacted everyone internationally in one way or another. But does the trickle-down of this global virus […]