When your agents walk into a listing presentation, it’s almost a given these days that the sellers will have questions about iBuyers. Some brokerages have accommodated this market change by including an iBuyer strategy that agents can use in their listing presentation.

Your agents need to do more than just talk about iBuyers; they need a full brokerage iBuyer platform to help them win more deals and close more listings. The big surprise about iBuyers (which isn’t a surprise to anybody who understands real estate) is that sellers still want to be represented by an agent, even when selling to an iBuyer. If you can’t provide an iBuyer platform to agents and their sellers, they’ll turn to the brokerage that will.

That’s why zavvie is providing the first and only comprehensive iBuyer platform for brokerages coast to coast. As the broker/owner of Colorado’s 8z Real Estate, which did $1.25 billion in volume last year, we discovered that the zavvie iBuyer platform helped our 155 agents win the listing. It also dramatically improved our list-to-close ratio.

In a tight inventory market, our buy sides were flat, yet our overall business was up 13 percent last year. That’s because our new iBuyer platform helped grow our listing sides by 21 percent in 2019.

When inventory is tight, you need to increase the number of listings you close. That’s what a zavvie-powered iBuyer platform does.

3 iBuyer Tech Tools Agents Use in the Field
The zavvie platform delivers three technology tools to help agents lock in sellers.

The first is the Offer Optimizer, used to start a conversation with the seller. It makes it easy for a seller to compare options and what they might net from each. When an agent brings all the options to the table during their listing presentation, it wins listings. When you can say, “Oh, I have technology that makes it easier for you to evaluate an iBuyer offer—and here it is,” sellers know you’re going to help them make the best decision.

The second tool uses technology—and people—to deliver easy-to-understand, vetted iBuyer offers. Because we know the nuances of each iBuyer, we believe zavvie helps agents deliver better instant-offer requests, and that improves the iBuyer offers agents provide to their clients.

The third technology tool is our confirmed offer report. This makes the iBuyer offer experience completely transparent and allows sellers to make the best decision about the right option for them. Sellers see all available options, including listing their home on the open market.

Getting Into the iBuyer Space
Beyond improving both your presentation-to-listing ratio and your listing-to-close ratio, an iBuyer platform allows your agents to unlock more deals. Homeowners who are stuck are curious to hear more about iBuyers, and having an iBuyer platform gives your agents a reason to contact their client database and discuss what an instant offer can mean to them.

Top brokerages in more than two dozen cities across the nation have already signed up for their own customized zavvie iBuyer platform. Some brokerages have launched their platform in as little as two weeks. And it’s so intuitive, many agents do not even need the free training zavvie provides its broker partners.