Digital Marketing to Differentiate Your Team to Win More Business

In a competitive sales environment, it is not enough to have good marketing and homebuyer presentations. You and your team members must radically differentiate yourselves in order to compete at a higher level, add value and win! Having a high-value, impressive marketing presentation is great, but creating a digital format is even better. It also […]

Ask Denise: Digital Checklists

Q: “Denise, I am working on creating a checklist for listing a property (I know – finally!). I have two other team members and each of us have different responsibilities on the list. For example, I always order the signs while my assistant is the one who handles the flyers and print marketing. We are […]

Paradigm Shift: How Kodak’s Digital Cameras Entered Residential Real Estate

“When A Paradigm Shifts, everyone gores back to zero. Your past success guarentees nothing when a paradigm shift. In fact, your past success may block you from seeing the future.”- Joel Barker Kodak was our first big name sponsor. Around 1997, my company, RealTown’s InternetCrusade, got a contract from Kodak to socialize the concept of digital imaging […]