How FreshDirect works

FreshDirect is a grocery delivery service that offers a variety of prepared foods and fresh ingredients.With delivery available in many cities across the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States, FreshDirect has become popular among consumers who want to schedule specific delivery times. How FreshDirect worksFreshDirect is a service that delivers groceries directly to your door. The […]

How Brokerages Can Use an iBuyer Platform to Help Agents Close More Listings

When your agents walk into a listing presentation, it’s almost a given these days that the sellers will have questions about iBuyers. Some brokerages have accommodated this market change by including an iBuyer strategy that agents can use in their listing presentation. Your agents need to do more than just talk about iBuyers; they need […]

Broker Public Portal Introduces the All-New Homesnap Pro

Consumers today live in a world of online listings, with the ability to look up deep data with a few taps of the keyboard on their phone. But it’s the job of real estate agents to educate their clients about the homes they’re considering, not the other way around. The All-New Homesnap Pro allows agents to connect […]

Embracing Technology and Preparing for Disruption

BoomTown Helps Brokerages Cooperate With Disruptors, Rather Than Compete Over the past several years, brokerages have been hearing the term “disruption,” often reacting with alarm over competitors who allegedly threaten to take the agent out of the real estate equation. Could there be another path forward? Doug Gieck, vice president of production at 8z Real […]

Innovation Never Ends

How Weichert Is Supercharging Its Engine for the Future National real estate powerhouse, New Jersey-based Weichert, Realtors® has a long history of innovating to grow…50 years to be exact. Founded as a single office by Jim Weichert in 1969, Weichert now encompasses 500 residential real estate offices across the country. With the recent launch of its […]

REALTORS® and The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

NAR PULSE—Tell your agents to join NAR’s Center for REALTOR® Financial Wellness’ REALTORS® and The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act webinar, March 23, 1 p.m. CT, to learn how newly enacted tax provisions can be used by REALTORS® to increase both their net after-tax business income and investment income. Click here to learn more and register. Missed past webinars? […]

4 Questions Brokers Need to Ask Technology Partners

It’s no secret that real estate brokerage business models are continually evolving, and tech innovation is happening at warp speed. In the fast-paced and highly competitive real estate industry, brokers evaluating technology tools for their office and their agents need to stay hyper-focused on what’s most important. Here’s the top four questions that brokers need to ask […]

Modernizing an Archaic Business Model

Earnnest Builds the Future of Digital Transactions in Real Estate Latane Meade, CEO at Allied Title & Escrow LLC, was used to a quick-paced life when he switched gears from a 13-year career organizing obstacle races and community sports to running a title company, a position he’s held for the past three years. He often […]

Upstream Gains Momentum

For as long as I’ve been involved in real estate, it’s been a major challenge for brokers to store, manage and give others access to their listing data and other branded content. For decades, broker data has been siloed in the MLS, usually in unique formats that made data aggregation and management an overwhelming challenge. […]