For as long as I’ve been involved in real estate, it’s been a major challenge for brokers to store, manage and give others access to their listing data and other branded content. For decades, broker data has been siloed in the MLS, usually in unique formats that made data aggregation and management an overwhelming challenge.

Today, brokers have a new choice: Upstream®.

Upstream is a comprehensive broker data management platform that aggregates broker data from multiple sources and makes it ready for use in back-office applications, marketing, franchise reporting, staff management, and much more. Brokers can use Upstream to enrich their listing data with high-res broker-branded media, manage expanded agent and team roster data, and securely deliver data to technology and syndication partners in RESO®-standard formats—both RETS and Web API.

For brokers looking to take ownership of their data assets, Upstream is a huge step forward.

CoreLogic® took over the development of Upstream in early 2019, and I’m pleased to say it is now up and running in many markets. As the leader in real estate data management solutions with strong ties to both the MLS and broker communities, CoreLogic is best positioned to bridge the gaps and successfully bring Upstream to the larger real estate industry. Together with the leadership and vision of UpstreamRE, CoreLogic is using its expertise building enterprise platforms to deliver a revolutionary data management solution that gives brokers the control and independence they’ve wanted for so long.