Agents and teams face two huge challenges in 2020: a lack of homes to sell and a way to establish a clear marketplace advantage to win the listing every time. One recent study suggests current inventory is reaching its lowest level since 2012.

For agents, this means more competition for fewer listings. Every agent and team also seem to be offering the same listing strategies, using similar technology and marketing tactics. How do you lock in the listing if sellers don’t see a difference?

You show them something new, and you teach them something new. zavvie’s Offer Optimizer Suite bridges the gap for those who may not be aware of all their options for selling.

Unlocking Local Inventory
It’s common for people to believe they are “locked” into their current home. Already, homeowners are staying in their homes an average of 13 years, five years longer than they did in 2010.

First, many don’t realize the current value of their home. Second, others believe they are “rate-locked” with a low mortgage rate they don’t want to give up. They don’t realize that mortgage rates are again hovering around historic lows.

These homeowners are in every agent’s client database. As a technology company that focuses on expanding agents’ businesses while providing sellers more options, zavvie created an opportunity for agents to deliver something of unbeatable value to their sphere of influence: instant cash offers from iBuyers.

All of a sudden, selling isn’t off the table. The seller may not take an iBuyer offer, but it gets the wheels turning.

Winning the Listing
Every experienced agent and team knows their best, most reliable source of future business is their sphere of influence. One’s database of clients generates both the most and the best referrals.

Agents have to keep customers loyal or they will go somewhere else. According to National Association of REALTORS® research, nine out of 10 consumers said they would use or recommend the agent they used, but fewer than a third actually do. The challenge most agents face is staying connected with their sphere by providing something of genuine value.

One of the hottest markets in 2020 is the first-time seller. This new generation of sellers is looking for every option to sell their home. They want to click a button and see what an iBuyer will offer.

That’s where the Offer Optimizer Suite helps agents cement their relationship with first-time sellers. Agents helped these folks buy their first home. Now it’s time to help them sell—and purchase—their next one.

Agents can win the listing presentation when they can immediately present all the seller’s options, including not selling on the open market. This is a radical change for a listing presentation, but one that will set agents apart from the competition.

As Dave Liniger, founder of RE/MAX, recently said, “Embrace change.” One of the biggest changes and opportunities for agents today is the iBuyer platform zavvie is offering. Ask your broker to explore