Cities battle against a flood of Chinese real estate investors

Chinese investors snapped up around $100 billion worth of property around the world in 2016. While most countries normally like to encourage this kind of investment, some are saying they need to put some checks on the strength of foreign investor’s purchasing power in order to prevent real estate bubbles, the Wall Street Journal reports. Back […]

Chinese interest in U.S. real estate grows

Chinese have ranked as the top foreign buyers of residential homes in the U.S. for six straight years. Traditionally, Chinese buyers have mostly focused on buying higher-end homes, but these days they’re increasingly looking at low-priced properties as well, the National Association of Realtors says. Up until recently, most Chinese buyers have snapped up million-dollar […]

Chinese Buyers Dominating Vancouver’s Luxury Homes Market

A recent article by the Globe and highlights the impact Chinese buyers are having on the luxury real estate market in Vancouver, Canada. According to data from a real estate company in British Columbia, mainland Chinese buyers accounted for 70% of the companies transactions for luxury homes in the city costing in excess of $3 million […]

Investing in Chinese real estate

It’s been everywhere in the news since last week: China’s stockmarket has taken a serious dive last week, falling by 11.5%. The world’s second biggest economy’s current turmoil – China’s currency, the Yuan was also devalued this month – is likely to affect the global economy in more ways than one although experts’ opinions differ. […]