Smart locks are the new version of advanced and modified locks. You can do various amazing things. If you are using smart locks you will need a strong internet connection and that is probably a prerequisite.

Many people are in an apprehension regarding smart locks, they believe that they will not find a if this machine will get stuck. I have met a lot of people who are still afraid of new technologies because they simply do not know about the solutions of the imagined or heard problems smart things will create.

If you are in the same boat, and this fear is keeping you at bay from the new and advancing world, you must clear it up before it gets too late. Smart locks are not something out of the world, you just need to understand what are the features which are likely to cause issues.

In this article I have gathered some basic knowledge about smart locks, to make you think that why you ought to switch to smart lock and why you should not use them.

I am not against any kinds of locks, but I just want people to understand their need before buying any kind of product. This will help them in saving their time and money as well. thus, you must always prefer something which is suitable for your area and lifestyle.

Before we start let us clear what is a smart lock? It is a variated model of locks; you do not need to have a key for opening it. Sometimes you only have to enter a code for opening up your smart lock, or just a card is enough you swap it through the door, and you are free to pass.

The type of smart locks hinges only on your needs and conditions. You have to do a little need analysis before starting.

Pros of smart locks

1.      Quick entry

If you have got a smart lock at your place you do not need to fish in your bag or pocket for finding the bunch of keys, this takes a lot of time. if you will be having a smart lock you can either open your door when you are climbing stairs, or you can just enter the code which will only take 20 seconds.

2.      Protection

Lock picking is not a thing when you have got smart locks at your place. Unlike conventional locks here thieves can not bump your lock.

Smart locks do not have a key or area where someone can enter some screws to open up. That is why they are considered more secured.

3.      Connectivity with the rest of your house

These locks are connected through WIFI and you can connect all the locks through one account. A few locks work with Alexa which is a treat for old people, who are unable to go to the door.

Cons of smart locks

1.  cost

Smart locks are comparatively expensive than conventional locks. Smart locks are equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, that is why their prices are quite high. People tend to have smart locks only for outdoors or front doors.

2. batteries

You will have to recharge a smart lock battery after every two weeks; this can be an annoying task. Some mart locks are with non-rechargeable batteries, in that case you will have to buy new batteries.

3. liable of hacking

These locks can be hacked. Once you have installed a smart lock, hackers can try to unlock it through their laptops. If you have not got an efficient lock, they will extract the code or may alter it. the only plus point is the notification which you ma get on any such act.

4. Wi-Fi connection is risky

If you have a smart lock, you are likely to use it through Wi-Fi connection. If you are having a weak Wi-Fi connection, then you will be in grave trouble.

Or if your lock is connected through your mobile phone, and your mobile phone gets stolen then you do not have any other way of getting into your property, except getting a new phone and logging in the application.