Build a Branding Strategy for the Spring Market

In some areas of the country, spring is nowhere to be seen. But the spring market doesn’t always wait for spring weather, so don’t delay on your branding strategy for this busy time of year. Here are some tips for getting you spring-ready: Think outside the box. Don’t just go with what your normal branding strategy […]

How to Increase Your Market Presence Right Now

The real estate industry is changing rapidly. It feels like every week brings a shiny new object to the market that promises instant results for just a few easy payments. As more investors, technologies and agents jump into the business’ warm waters, making your real estate marketing stand out has never been more necessary. Even though some […]

Developing Your Market Niche Like a Champ

Your specific market niche depends on your brand. Learn from the example of Nike. The white swoosh represents aspiration and motivation to billions of people throughout the world. When people see that logo, it says to them that “If you want to achieve athletic greatness, we can get you there.” Your market niche defines your […]

Guelph real estate market rebounds dramatically

Headlines around the country speculate on the potential impact of COVID- 19 on the real estate market. Some are calling for an outright crash due to record unemployment rates. Some are saying that when all this dies down, we’ll just go back to where we left off with strong housing prices in Guelph. Who’s right? […]

Albuquerque Real Estate Market Statistics May 2020

Albuquerque Housing Market May 2020 Corona virus is having a huge impact on real estate market in Albuquerque NM. The number of homes sold in May is down 28.5%, however, inventory is down 42.8%. With inventory down so much, it is no surprise home sales declined. It is very difficult to purchase a home for […]

Denver Metro Single Family House (SFH) Market Report May 2020

If you are thinking about buying or selling your house the latest housing numbers for Denver provide opportunities according to industry experts. About Denver County. With an estimated 727,000 residents, the City and County of Denver is the 19th most populous city in the U.S. If we combined the adjacent counties with the metropolitan area […]

The Atlanta Real Estate Market after Covid-19

The Atlanta real estate market after Covid-19 will not be the same as before. The economic damage due to the global shutdown will impact it, not crash it…let’s all breath for a second. The world is connected and this is a hit on the global economy, the only questions are for how bad and for […]

February 2020 Gilbert AZ Housing Market Trends Report

February 2020 Gilbert AZ Housing Market Update, Statistics and House Value Here are February 2020 Gilbert AZ Housing Market Update for single family detached home. Be sure to Contact Us, if you have any questions about this report or about how the market is performing. This report includes MLS data for the past 12 months for Gilbert AZ […]

COVID-19 and Guelph’s real estate market. Where do buyers and sellers stand?

Within two weeks, the world has changed dramatically. We’re now in the face of massive closures and shutdowns, cancelled sports seasons, stock market declines and fistfights in the aisles of Costco over toilet paper. COVID-19, or the Coronavirus, has impacted everyone internationally in one way or another. But does the trickle-down of this global virus […]

Guelph is in the face of an extreme seller’s market: Here’s what you should know

This article was originally published on GuelphToday on February 18th 2020. Beth and Ryan Waller have been the real estate writers for GuelphToday since June 2018. Bidding wars. Buyers are frustrated. Sellers cashing in. These echo the sentiments of the Guelph real estate news headlines in 2017. So far in 2020, we’re almost on an identical […]