Run Your RE Business With a Smartphone Using Information Management

From the time humanity started carving in caves to today storing and finding information recorded has been a challenge.  With the sheer amount of information we deal with daily, a system is needed to categorize and locate information quickly, where and when we need it.  Most likely the one thing that will be with us […]

New Technology and Online Tools Allow Agents to Better Serve Customers, Surpass Online Competitors

Homebuyers and sellers – especially Millennials – are demanding more online and data-driven experiences than ever before. In an increasingly tech-focused and automated world, REALTORS® must find ways to provide their clients with online tools, while continuing to offer the personalized and local service home buyers and sellers expect. If you’re an agent considering exploring […]

2020 Vision: Multifamily Predictions for the Next Decade

As with the beginning of any new year, many multifamily thought-leaders will have been publishing content about the trends they expect to see in 2020 – but bigger than just a new year, 2020 also ushers in the start of a new decade. With the pace at which tech is moving, it will be interesting […]

The Top 5 Actions of Super-Producing Agents

Q: “Denise, I am a newer agent and need to generate some leads. I have a direct mail company who keeps calling saying I can mail to thousands of people every month and it won’t cost me too much. Should I do it? I am also doing some online lead generation with another company and […]

Ask Denise: The Art of Statistics

Q: “Denise, I want to put together a snazzy market report infographic that compares median sales price, available listings, new listings, pending listings, solds, and a few more metrics every month. I might mail it out, have it at an open house, or even use it in my listing presentations. I have a vision and […]

The Marketing Triangle

Every real estate professional at some point in their career must face the cold hard facts about ineffective marketing.  Marketing is an essential part of running any successful business and real estate is no exception. Without good marketing you will never be able to predict what your business will look like year to year. Can […]

Run Your RE Business with a Smartphone Recap

This is the 10th article in the “Run Your RE Business with a Smartphone” series and I have enjoyed researching, exploring new apps and doing a deep dive into many of the apps and programs that come on our phones right out of the box. While doing these articles I kept having flashbacks to almost […]

Direct Mail vs. Email

There isn’t a week that goes by that an agent tells me that they have decided to keep in touch with their past clients and sphere database primarily by an email newsletter. That email may be created by their company or it may be custom-created in MailChimp or Constant Contact, but the more important issue […]

Ask Denise: Digital Checklists

Q: “Denise, I am working on creating a checklist for listing a property (I know – finally!). I have two other team members and each of us have different responsibilities on the list. For example, I always order the signs while my assistant is the one who handles the flyers and print marketing. We are […]

February 5G Update

In an earlier article, I committed to a monthly update on 5G and the status of how it directly affects you or, for most of us now, affects you as of the end of January 2020.  We need to outline what 5G means to us and if it changes the way we conduct business. To […]