Information Management – An Important Part of Being Organized!

In your past, or maybe even currently, you work or know somebody that can accomplish so much in such a short amount of time. It seems they glide through the day knocking out tasks and projects with little effort. Meanwhile, you are a flurry of unorganized actions leading to frustration and taking much longer to […]

More Foreign Homeowners Being Ordered to Sell in Australia

Real estate prices in Australian cities have been rising rapidly and as a result property prices are at the reach of many Australian citizens. Now investigators are looking into 462 possible breaches by foreign homeowners who could be forced to sell. In Sydney several foreign owners of residential homes have been ordered to sell as […]

Dubai Tenants Being Offered Rent Incentives

Landlords in Dubai are being forced to offer potential tenants incentive packages due to a decline in demand for property. These incentive packages are needed to stimulate the rental business, which according to local real estate agents is stagnant. Incentives being offered include a three-year freeze on rent increases as well as other more traditional […]