What do you like most about the region in which you work?
I didn’t grow up in Texas, but I’ve made it my home. In North Texas especially, we’re seeing strong economic growth, which can be evidenced by corporations continuing to relocate their headquarters to the area. From a housing standpoint, this adds to our already strong housing market.

What is one of the challenges your market faces, and what are you doing to overcome it?
As corporations continue to relocate to the area, finding appropriate housing for those moving from other parts of the country can be a challenge. While the amount of individuals coming to the area continues to fluctuate, there are times when there simply aren’t enough houses on the market to meet the needs of buyers coming in. To combat this, we work with buyers to prepare them for what’s to come by ensuring that all their ducks are in a row. It’s important that they’re pre-qualified so that once we get out and begin looking at houses, they’re ready to take action.

How does your company make its agents’ jobs easier?
By providing them with all the tools they need to be successful. Through HomeSmart, our agents have access to a single portal for all their business needs, allowing them to work with more clients at a higher level of professionalism. My involvement in the industry at the local, state and national level is another way that I can better prepare my agents. Agents are busy working with buyers and sellers, so it’s my job to watch what’s happening at a higher level.

In what ways do your agents use technology to better serve their clients?
When it comes to technology, my agents do a little bit of everything. In addition to being involved in social media, they’re also taking advantage of video marketing. We’ve always offered video marketing and video tours, which have become increasingly valuable in today’s changing climate. Agents have their own individual personal agent website, as well as property websites for each and every listing. What the client doesn’t see is that our technology platform that’s running in the background enables our agents to engage in a way that allows them to better handle the transaction all the way through the system.

What sets HomeSmart Stars apart from other brokerages?
Our culture. While not every agent is part of a team, my agents are always sharing best practices and backing one another up with client needs. Another thing that sets us apart is the technology we have access to as part of the HomeSmart network. The technology they provide allows my agents to conduct the transaction, create marketing collateral and continue their education all in one place. The fact that the tech suite is fully integrated with our MLS allows agents to conduct more business easier, faster and better. I’m always looking to grow. Even in this time of unprecedented change, our brokerage is well poised to pivot with the challenges of today. Our office continues to grow in agent count and welcomes the opportunity for individual agents, teams and other brokerages to join our office and benefit from all we can offer them.