In your past, or maybe even currently, you work or know somebody that can accomplish so much in such a short amount of time. It seems they glide through the day knocking out tasks and projects with little effort. Meanwhile, you are a flurry of unorganized actions leading to frustration and taking much longer to accomplish a single task. The difference boils down to one word: organization!

I have broken down the word organization into three categories: Contact Management, Time Management and, my newest category, Information Management. I have written, spoken, taught and preached Contact Management going back to my beginnings long before I was introduced to Palm Pilots and other digital means to become more organized with vital information about people.

Many of us started our Time Management on a planner or appointment book and slowly, and in some cases painfully, moved to a digital means of scheduling our time. I have written, spoken, taught and preached Time Management for many years to help all of us become more organized.

My newest category, Information Management, I am putting alongside of Contact and Time as far as importance when attempting to become more effective with organizational skills. Recently I was hired to build and design a one-hour nationally-broadcast webinar to fulfill continuing education requirements for a host of different industries. Real Estate was not included due to each state having its own guidelines and the difficulty of working on a state by state basis.

While doing my research and building the presentation I realized most people do not have a system of Information Management. Yes, you can add notes to calendar events and contacts, but they end up somewhere you can’t remember where you documented the information. This lead me to the title of my new presentation, “Digital Note-Taking Tips and Techniques,” a one-hour live session, or webinar, doing a deep dive into Apple’s Notes and Google Keep. For once somebody is advocating a program or app which is FREE and no need to upgrade when you fall in love with the features! Unlike CRMs, which can cost you up to $75 a month per user, or other apps and programs for Time Management with monthly fees, Notes and Google Keep is free!

I plan on sharing some of the tips and tricks I have learned putting my new program together with articles and blogs. If interested in a live presentation or a webinar covering the subject in detail along with handouts, please let me know!