Finding a pair of leggings that fit just right can be a difficult task. Despite the hoards of options, styles, designs, and sizes available from a myriad of athleisure brands, far too often you’re left with an elastic waistband that slips and slides, an unfortunate camel toe situation, or an excess of material sagging around your crotch. It seems like every time a pair hugs your thighs just right, they don’t adhere to your hips as well, or vice versa.

With all of this in mind, when a pair of leggings from a celebrity- and influencer-loved brand sells out quickly and then garners a hefty waitlist, it’s worth paying attention to. Case in point: When I discovered that the Center Stage Leggings ($98; from Bandier’s in-house brand All Access amassed a waitlist of more than 1,000 people after they sold out, I was intrigued. Not to mention the fact that celebrities like Ashley Graham and influencers including Alexia Clark and Arielle Charnas are fans of the brand—they’re often seen rocking chic Bandier activewear sets to their workouts.

In order to see if the leggings lived up to the hype, I test-drove a pair during a variety of workouts, including a hot yoga class, a run on the treadmill, and a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout. Before I even broke a sweat, I knew these high-rise, 7/8-length leggings would soon become one of my go-to pairs.

When I first put them on, the leggings slid on my legs with a buttery-soft feel, effortlessly shaping to the curves of my body and hitting my waist in just the right spot. The thick elastic waistband felt secure, but not too snug, while the fabric felt substantial and lightweight all at the same time. That’s likely because they’re made with special eight-way stretch compression fabric that’s entirely sheer-proof.


My first test of the leggings was a three mile run on the treadmill. To my surprise and utter delight, I didn’t reach down to adjust or pull up the workout pants even once during the entirety of my run—a massive feat since my wide hips and small waist typically call for a decent amount of fabric grabbing mid-workout.

Next up was a hot yoga class, and just as the leggings stayed put during my run, they remained comfortably glued to my body from downward-facing dog to child’s pose and all the positions in between. There was no need to fidget with my clothing while trying to maintain balance and focus throughout the class.

Finally, I wore the leggings to my favorite HIIT workout class at the Fhitting Room, where they kept me comfortable and mobile whether I was doing jump squats, hopping on the rower, or working on my burpee form.

Not only did the leggings perform well during a variety of exercises, but—perhaps the most impressive feature of the pants—they slid off post-workout just as easily as they slid on, no matter how sweaty I was. The verdict? They most definitely did live up to the hype. Given that 1,000 people signed up for a waitlist to snag a pair of these leggings as soon as they were back in stock, I can’t say that I’m surprised.

Curious to try these versatile leggings for yourself? Head to Bandier to grab a pair before they sell out again. They’re currently available in seven cute colorways, including classic black, ice blue, and the latest release: thyme green. The best news? Since some colors are already low on stock, a few pairs are even marked down to just $65—so there’s no better time to add these celeb-approved, customer-loved leggings to your activewear collection.