RealtyBizNews is always delighted to present property gems discovered, and especially where stunning nature and brilliant architecture meet. Yesterday, while writing a travel piece for my Our Russia magazine, I stumbled across a magical place called Abrau-Durso near the Black Sea in Russia’s Krasnodar Region. Here’s a look at an exclusive residence development called Abrau ForestHill, I am absolutely sure you might otherwise have never heard tell of.

The Abrau ForestHill club village is a private premium residence development that is literally surrounded by an unbelievable landscape. The nearby village of Abrau-Durso is famous for being the birthplace of Russia’s sparkling wine legacy, but more so for the valleys and pristine lakes and streams from which life flows into this magical place.

Situated in the Krasnodar Krai, in between Anapa and Gelendzhik, these fabulous new homes sit on the shore of lake Abrau, the cleanest and the largest freshwater lake in the North Caucasus. The development consists of the property, some 7 hectares, where 14 homes will eventually complete a private community in a literal paradise. I say this without reservation, because this region is unbelievably stunning. The community has a private beach, a playground for kids, a recreation area, and other amenities.

Just five minutes from the famous village, and right on the Black Sea, the neighborhood also has its own “owner’s club” replete with luxury hotel amenities. As for the houses themselves, each is a distinctive “organic architectural” design, along the lines of the famous Frank Lloyd Wright vision for blending construction into the landscape. The steep topography affords each home its own destinctive view out over the lake, while at the same time imbuing the residence with a sense of “oneness” with nature. The location is nothing less than ideal, being only a short distance from the Black Sea, a short drive to Novorossiysk, and minutes from the airport at Anapa.

The design and construction of the houses is exemplary of the attention to detail the developers adhered to. As a for instance, each foundation is a high tech foundation of reinforced concrete slabs situated on a pile field which does not interfere with the root systems of the nearby trees. Furthermore, the frame of the house is made from laminated soft wood beams built in Germany to the highest specifications for durability, strength, and moisture content etc. As for the walls, floors, and external terraces, the same attention to quality and detail is readily apparent.

Communications for these homes is similarly advanced, and includes:

  • Internet hardware installation for connection of high speed Internet with WiFi module.
  • Intercom installation for communication with the houses and guard posts.
  • Protection systems such as; fire alarm and burglar alarm, video recording with cameras and remote monitoring capability. Output the signal to the guard post.

All of the homes in this community have an area in excess of 250 sqm, and custom features you would expect from any home of distinction. What the potential buyer will find as interesting though, is the surrounding adventure paradise, not to mention Lake Abrau’s other residents. Just across the crystal lake the world famous winery where Russian President Vladimir Putin pops in unexpectedly, and where foam parties are as common as grapes awaits owners and their guests. Not so far away (342 km  South) Sochi, and the wonderful shopping, beaches, and ski slopes there beckon too. So it is, the land identified with Jason and the golden fleece, really is delivering up treasures. If you’ll excuse the puns, this place is pristine.